Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Want some coffee? From a cat's butt?

Coffee is a great beverage. It wakes us up, warms us up, tastes great. Especially from a cat's butt.

The most expensive and rarest coffee in the world is Indonesian Kopi Luwak, which is extracted from the turds of the civet cat. For a mere $150-$600 a pound, you too can drink the stuff some critter was unable to digest. Where do I sign up!

Supposedly the digestive process makes the taste and aroma stronger - make your own joke here. Supposedly it's heavy and rich, caramel and chocolatey. I'd try it if somebody else bought it for me.

But really, who thought of trying this? "Hey, that cat just pooped some stuff out. Let's roast and drink it!"

And there are articles galore on it. A university study (from the University of Guelph, who earlier reminded us not to eat poop), as well as USA Today, BBC, CBC, the East Coast Family.


Adam said...

I actually have had this coffee, and have some in my freezer. It is surprisingly quite tasty.

Andrew said...

No way!!! Don't drink it before I get there.

Anonymous said...

However (get real) just about everything can be put this way. at some time in the past (before yesterday) someone has had to eat, smoke, drink, inject - you get the picture - every substance that is around. Alcohol (lets let some stuff rot, then boil it, collect the steam coming off the stuff, do that again and again until it is this clear stuff that is not water, and drink it.) That also means that somewhere, someone is eating a cricket as we speak

Anonymous said...

Adam: as a coffee connoisseur you should know as well as anyone that you should NEVER keep coffee in the fridge or the freezer as this RUINS the essential oils thus any and all flavor.. Your mega cost Kopi Luwak coffee, if you REALLY have any, has been rendered to total crap; so to speak; aka its ruined.