Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the phone in the bathroom

Herb Benham of the Bakersfield Californian has a column on talking on the phone in the bathroom. He seems to think it's no big deal, while I think it's pretty dumb. I may talk on the phone while at home talking with a buddy, but otherwise, no thanks.

For example, if I'm in the bathroom at work and somebody calls, I'm not answering. And if somebody is on the phone while using the urinal or the stall, I make sure to flush. I think it's funny - "Hey! Are you in the bathroom!" Especially if it's a work related conversation - "Ok, send that document to me" ((pooping noises)) "What the hell was that!"

I just think it's impolite though. I don't want to find out the hard way that poop is coming out of your butt while you're talking to me. Unless it's the president of the United States on the phone, wait til you're finished crapping.

What do you think?


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Eric said...

Ah yes, the the new crinkles in modern life. Personally, I get a little uncomfortable when someone else is talking in the bathroom, like the room should be a library. I think you are right to tip off the other party that the bathroom talker is partying in a more personal manner.

I really liked the article's comparison of the voice one ought to use when on the pot on the phone, but I think few will realize the true significance. The loo is like a church, and one's voice ought to be reverential always when in the presence of great things. Like when I poop.

I have had the fun of letting my wife know I am having a grumper when she calls and I happen to be...meditating. I simply enjoy the brazenness with those I know well. Otherwise, the reverence should be operative.

Thanks for the great post.

P.S. You ought to check out engrish.com. Look under Bags/Packaging and find the entry for Oct 5, 2004. The classic 'O' ring cover: then look back yourself and reconsider your life.