Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goose Poop? Kill Em!

In Our Nation's Capitol, Canada geese are drawing complaints for pooping in the Anacostia River, making it more polluted. The solution? Kill those birds!

The National Park Service could kill around 600 of the birds, and even environmentalists support the duck hunt, as the critters are eating "vital marsh grasses" and such. Golf course owners don't like the avian poopers either because they eat the fairways.

So word to the wise - don't be an animal that poops in DC. Or eats golf course grass.


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Max said...

Those geese are fearless too. I was at a driving range just north of RFK and there were hundreds out on the course. I wacked 50 balls toward 'em and they didn't so much as flinch. Still, it was fun to wack it at 'em. I recommend!