Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's a Crappy Craigslist Housing Ad!

Saw this gem all over the internets, it's a Craigslist ad for a normal sounding apartment in Washington, DC, which is actually kind of a good deal for that area.

But there's a catch -- along with playing kickball and drinking good beer, smiley face, you have to keep track of every time you poop by noting it on a piece of paper attached to the bathroom door! Sign me up!

The weirdest thing is, there's no explanation for why anyone would agree to do this. Did past roommates clog up the toilet a lot? Maybe this person has some medical issue, but why does that mean the roommates have to do it also? It can't be for a septic tank, this is the big city. Bizarre. I feel like if you're going to discuss bowel habits in a random housing ad, you should at least explain yourself.

The ad's still up, so you can take a look at where you might be pooping in the future.