Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Hundreds of pale bottoms all lined up in a row."

Apparently people in China don't like it when their bathroom habits are made fun of. A Taiwanese TV personality teased those in what we used to call Red China about public toilets, saying most don't have doors and that she saw "hundreds of pale bottoms all lined up in a row" at one public toilet. While that doesn't seem so offensive to me, I guess public pooping is a sensitive issue in China. Chinese bloggers are up in arms: the article says blogger Gu Siqing fumed "If you are still Chinese and you have any conscience, you must apologize!" Then again, I'm sure if they don't protest against it, the government would send them to Tibet or something. The Taiwanese star said she was hurt by the reaction, and that she her name was "smeared." Thankfully she did not explain what she was smeared by.

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